Retirement planning

Today's young and mid-life generations will no longer be able to rely on the state alone in retirement. Start thinking about your retirement as early as possible!

You can save for your old age with our investment funds with the largest tax support from the state to date, with more appreciation than you would get in a "pension".

Suitable funds to invest in

Stock Market Fund

A dynamic investment can give you 9% annual appreciation, and in the long run, the potential short-term fluctuations in returns are offset. With early investing, there is no need to set aside large sums of money as time earns for you.

from 100 CZK

minimum investment amount

per 3 days

money available

9% per annum

expected return based on historical performance of the S&P 500 Index

Real Estate Fund

Low risk

When investing a few years before retirement, it is advisable to choose a conservative route; for example, a real estate fund with an average 5% annual appreciation may be an option. If you want to retire with sufficient savings, you may need to consider regularly putting aside a significantly higher amount than you might have done when younger.

4 - 6% per annum

Target return

53,52 %

Return since fund launch

40+ properties

in 4 European countries

from 100 CZK

minimum investment amount


What are investment funds?

Investment funds represent a common investment strategy. When you put your money into a given investment fund, a professional fund manager ensures its allocation according to the fund's set strategy - for example, real estate, stocks, bonds or other securities. Thus, you needn’t agonise over what to invest in, but share in a portfolio assembled and managed by experts who take care that your money appreciates as it should.

Specialists can help you

You don't have to be alone when it comes to investing. If you want a specialist to advise you on your choice and set everything up for you from A to Z, contact your financial advisor or find one from among our investment intermediares. Your advisor will work with you to create a financial plan that takes full account of your situation, goals and risk tolerance.