Why invest in funds

Funds allow even inexperienced investors‘ savings to appreciate more than savings accounts. Depending on experience, knowledge, financial goals, investment duration, and risk tolerance, you can choose from a total of 5 funds in the INVESTIKA family and take a step towards a richer future.

Investments starting from CZK 100

The world of investments is open to everyone. You can gain its benefits from as little as CZK 100. Let your savings earn money in clear and transparent funds to help prepare for a richer future.

Assets under control

Any money invested is placed by the fund manager in line with the fund's strategy- always to achieve the highest possible return for the investor. With our easy-to-understand products, transparency and appropriate regulation, you are in control of your money.


We are transparent and easy to understand

We believe that investing and financial independence should be for everyone. Not just for the select few expert in the workings of the financial markets. Thus we offer transparent and simple products understandable at a glance to anyone - only when you understand what you are investing in can you make the right decisions.

Transparent products

We don't conceal our funds under complex calculations and trendy or incomprehensible terms. You'll find the strategy, terms and benefits of each fund written in a transparent and straightforward way. In addition, you can use our calculator to model what our funds can do for you.

Professional fund management

Buying specific stocks or acquiring investment properties requires knowledge and time. By investing in a fund, you avoid that requirement. Your portfolio is taken care of by fund managers who see to everything on your behalf.

Retirement security

In the future, pensions are set to decline relative to average wages, and it's up to us to start saving enough for our own retirement. Through a long-term investment product, tax-supported by the state, all young and middle-aged people have the chance of a decent and rich retirement.

Prepare for the future

Build a portfolio to suit your needs

Build an investment plan tailored to your needs and goals. For each of our funds, you'll find simple pointers to help you in decision making. Then it's up to you to decide which funds you want to use on your journey to financial independence.

Specialists can help you

You don't have to be alone when it comes to investing. If you want a specialist to advise you on your choice and set everything up for you from A to Z, contact your financial advisor or find one from among our investment intermediares. Your advisor will work with you to create a financial plan that takes full account of your situation, goals and risk tolerance.