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Funds under Management

Benefits of mutual investment funds

Mutual investment funds pool money from individuals to access returns from assets worth even billions of crowns. Most individual investors wouldn’t be able to make such investments on their own. 

Attractive returns

Mutual funds give access to yields from assets worth billions of crowns even when investing small sums.

Risk diversification

Investing in multiple assets within the class limits risks.

Professional management

Teams of experienced portfolio managers and investment experts manage the assets of our funds.


The certificates of our funds – both retail and qualified investor types – trade daily. You can redeem your investments promptly.

Focusing on sectors in which we have deep expertise

We have been active in the Czech real estate market for over two decades. Our investment strategy also draws on vast professional experiences our team members got while previously working for many international financial companies.

INVESTIKA real estate fund is an open-ended mutual fund. It is one of the leading retail mutual funds on the Czech market. Thanks to its stable and attractive returns, it is regularly among the top real estate funds in performance rankings