We offer investments
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Only when you understand what you're doing can you make the right decisions. That's why we are proud to present the clear and easy-to-understand portfolio of our five core products to pave the way to safe investing for your financial independence.

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A richer future for our clients

Everyone wants their money to increase in value, not the other way around. While you don't get added value from traditional bank accounts and often get much less than you should from savings accounts, investing opens the door to a richer future. It can provide for your children, help buy your own home and, most importantly, allow you one day to enjoy a richer retirement.

At INVESTIKA, we believe investing should be for everyone, not just the select few who understand the workings of financial markets or complex investment instruments. So we offer simple and transparent products that anyone can understand in 10 minutes over a cup of coffee.

Transparent products

We don't conceal our products under complex calculations and trendy or incomprehensible terms. Furthermore, our calculator or mobile app can model how our funds may be of assistance.

Retirement security

In the future, pensions are set to decline relative to average wages and it's up to us to start saving early and adequately for retirement. We offer all young and middle-aged people the chance of a dignified retirement through our long-term investment product, which is state tax-supported.

Professional fund management

Buying specific investment instruments or selecting suitable investment properties requires knowledge and time. By investing in our funds, you can avoid that. Your portfolio is administered by experienced fund managers who look after everything for you.

Third party fund administration

The solution for those who want to entrust their resources to professionals.

The values we build on


We believe that only when you understand investing can you make the right decisions. That's why we offer investments in products that are easily to understand and trust.


Investing is not just for a select few. Anyone can invest in our funds from as little as £100 on a regular or one-off basis.


Our funds are staffed by professionals who care about your portfolio. You don't have to constantly monitor or perform complicated calculations.


We understand the world of investing

Petr Čížek

Chairman of the Board

Petr has extensive experience in financial markets, securities trading, real estate and property development. Since 2015, he has been Vice Chairman of the Board of INVESTIKA, which he co-founded. He focuses on financial management and risk management.

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After studying at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, Petr worked until 2007 at the Prague branch of the multinational bank HSBC Bank plc. There he was involved in many transactions of international and Czech companies, including the syndicated guarantee to secure financing for the construction of Terminal 2 of Prague Airport.

After leaving the banking sector in 2007, he co-founded Bohemia Real Estate Investments (BREI), a company dedicated to finding investment opportunities in the real estate market in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. In 2008, with this company, he completed the purchase of more than 300 properties owned by Telefónica O2. Petr Čížek cooperated on this transaction with his brother Jan Čížek, the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of INVESTIKA, and Milan Růžička, the current Deputy Chairman of the Board of INVESTIKA.

From 2008 to 2015, Petr Čížek worked as an investment manager in the development of Immotel a.s., which owns and actively manages a portfolio of properties in various regions of the Czech Republic. In 2015, he co-founded INVESTIKA investment company, a.s. and INVESTIKA real estate fund, an open-end mutual fund, which gradually became one of the largest domestic collective investment funds on the market. Since the company's inception, he has served as Chairman of its Board of Directors. His aim is to take the fear out of investing by offering simple and easy to understand products.

Milan Růžička

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Milan has extensive experience in financial markets, securities trading, real estate and property development. Since 2015, he has been the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of INVESTIKA, which he co-founded. He focuses on financial management and risk management.

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Graduating from the Faculty of Economics of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, after several years of employment at Česká spořitelna and passing the brokerage exams in 1993, he became a member of the brokerage department at the Prague branch of General Credit Bank and later also at the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank. Leaving the banking sector in 1999, he founded INTERLIFE, s.r.o., an investment brokerage company, together with Jan Čížek.

Since 2006, he has been Chairman of the Board of Rentera, a joint stock company primarily focused on real estate investments with long-term lease relationships and the hotel industry. Since 2012 he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of REALACTIVA, a joint stock company engaged in property development. Milan Růžička is also Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Czech Association of Financial Advisory Companies and the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Czech Association of Financial Advisors. (CSAF). Since 2015, he has been Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of INVESTIKA, where he is responsible for financial and risk management.

Ivo Šilha

Member of the Board of Directors

Ivo has been providing professional legal services to INVESTIKA since 2017. He specializes in the financial law of collective investment and capital markets. He became a member of the Board of Directors in 2024, and is responsible for legal and compliance department.

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Graduating from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, he first worked as a law clerk in Czech law firms focusing, among others, on collective investment and capital markets law.

Following successful completion of the bar exams in 2013, he continued his legal practice in Czech law firms, providing professional legal services to Czech financial institutions, including investment companies and securities traders. Since 2023 he has been a partner in a law firm specialising in financial law.

In his professional practice, he has worked, among other things, as an internal auditor of an investment company, a member of the audit committee of a self-managed investment fund traded on a regulated market, and as part of a team providing services to financial institutions, especially in the area of compliance.

He has been cooperating with INVESTIKA since 2017, providing mainly professional legal services in the field of compliance and public regulation affecting the activities of the investment company and the investment funds it manages.

Jaroslav Kysela

Member of the Board of Directors

He joined the company's Board of Directors in 2024 with 20 years of experience in investment banking, mostly from abroad, including the City of London, Austrian banking houses and the Croatian investment market. He is responsible for Asset Management.

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He holds a degree in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of York.

He began his working career as a stock market analyst at Bear Stearns in London. He then held the position of Relationship Manager for Corporate Clients at HSBC Bank in Prague and Regional Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia at Volksbank Investments in Vienna.

In his further experience, he worked as Investment Director at Jet Investment, a Czech private equity fund, and from 2015-2022 as Proxy and Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Raiffeisen Centrobank AG in Vienna. Subsequently, he was Managing Director and Managing Partner at a Czech securities dealer and Director and co-owner of a Croatian investment advisory firm.

His other areas of expertise include equity and investment management, international trade management, analysis and valuation of investment opportunities, product management, structured products and derivatives.

He joined INVESTIKA in the autumn of 2023 as Director of Asset Management.


INVESTIKA grows thanks to you, and for you



What are investment funds?

Investment funds represent a common investment strategy. When you put your money into a given investment fund, a professional fund manager ensures its allocation according to the fund's set strategy - for example, real estate, stocks, bonds or other securities. Thus, you needn’t agonise over what to invest in, but share in a portfolio assembled and managed by experts who take care that your money appreciates as it should.