1,1502 CZK

actual value of a unit certificate 31.05.2024

330 mil. CZK

Fund capital 31.05.2024

About the fund

The OK Smart Opportunity subfund is an investment fund intended to collect money not from the general public, but rather from qualified investors with advanced knowledge of investment.

An investor is allowed to invest in such a fund if he/she is aware of the risks associated with investing in this fund and meets the minimum investment limit. The minimum recommended investment horizon is 5 years. Investors should thus always have available liquid assets other than the investment fund’s investment shares.

The investment objective of the subfund is to achieve stable absolute appreciation with significantly reduced volatility and drops.

Information about fund

Broker Consulting FKI SICAV, a.s, subfund OK Smart Opportunity

Fund’s manager

MONECO investiční společnost, a.s. 

Fund’s administrator

INVESTIKA, investiční společnost, a.s.

Fund’s depositary

Česká spořitelna a.s.

Fund’s auditor

Audit One s.r.o.

Regulation and legal order

ČNB and Czech legislation (especially the Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds - ZISIF)

Frequency of valuation and trading

valuation monthly retrospectively to the last calendar day of the month, trading monthly for the current value of the investment share of the sub-fund, always announced retrospectively for the period in which the investor's funds are credited to the sub-fund's account the day of delivery of the investor's request to repurchase the investment shares

Recommended investment horizon

at least 5 years

Minimum investment

CZK 1 million while simultaneously fulfilling the conditions according to § 272 par. 1 let. i) point 2. ZISIF and unless the statute of the fund or sub-fund provides otherwise

Sub-fund account number


ISIN (Ok Smart Opportunity Class A)


Fund´s currency


Entry fee


Exit fee

the exit fee differs depending on the time of delivery of the request for redemption of investment shares and the total value of investment shares for which redemption is requested - for details, see the Fee Schedule

Management fee

1,25 % p.a. from the value of the sub-fund´s

Administration fee

CZK 600,000 per year or max. 0.2% p.a. of the value of the sub-fund's assets, whichever is higher

Chart of the value of the investment share OK Smart Opportunity, sub-fund Broker Consulting SICAV

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