Invest with us

Real Estate Fund

Investments backed by bricks and concrete

4 - 6% per annum
target return

Stock Market Fund

Investing in the world's largest companies

7 - 9% per annum
target return

Cash Fund

An investment alternative to a savings account

3 - 5% per annum
target return

Deposit Fund

An investment alternative to euro savings accounts

2 - 4% per annum
target return


What are investment funds?

Investment funds represent a common investment strategy. When you put your money into a given investment fund, a professional fund manager ensures its allocation according to the fund's set strategy - for example, real estate, stocks, bonds or other securities. Thus, you needn’t agonise over what to invest in, but share in a portfolio assembled and managed by experts who take care that your money appreciates as it should.

Specialists can help you

You don't have to be alone when it comes to investing. If you want a specialist to advise you on your choice and set everything up for you from A to Z, contact your financial advisor or find one from among our investment intermediares. Your advisor will work with you to create a financial plan that takes full account of your situation, goals and risk tolerance.